The sound we hear is made up of the direct sound and the reflected sound and the sound gets distorted by the interference of the reflected sound Generally, walls are hard.  Thus, even if the diffused reflection constantly repeats, the sound energy will not decay in a big deal when compared to the first reflection by one side wall surface.  In a small listening room, specially listener receives strong impression which is called 'masking effect' on direct sound and first reflection sound.  This occurs because reverberation time and energy of the direct sound and the first reflection sound is received to be much stronger and faster than the second and the third reverberation sound.   Therefore, the sweet spot is limited and the sound coloration occurs because the sound energy is not widely spread out and relies only on direct sound which has fast reflection time and increased energy.    Thus, adequate control of the early reflection time is needed.    At this moment, relative direct sound stands out by

slowly decreasing energy and reflection time of the early reflection which has high sound pressure.  In doing so, stereo image is not only enhanced, but the adequate reverberation is given that the depth of sound and wide sound field is enlarged.  So sound must be controlled by acoustic treatment materials like diffusors and bass trap (acoustic absorption materials).  But the majority of acoustic treatment materials are normally very big in size or very heavy in weight.  So it take much space of the room and also difficult to install or move in and out of the room.  Also it is very hard to control the volume of reflected sound.  it must be remove to suitable positions for reflected sound control.  As a result, many menia have

 a burden due to troubles of space and installation.  Benzo was developed by supply the demand like this and it has same function of Enzo.  Benzo is a specially designed product which can install easily even in a very small room because it is slim and flexible.  So Benzo is very suitable to home theater.  With the installation of Benzo, audio menia can enjoy effective tuning of a sound easily.


How to Setup

Room Setting

Dimension: 45.7" (H) x 24.8" (W) x 1.6" (D)

Weight: 13.67 lbs

Materials: painted wood (Beige Series) / antique natural wood (Vintage Series)

Color: beige (Beige-general Series) / light brown (Vintage Series)


Suggested Retail Price

Benzo-Vintage                     usd219.00

Benzo-Vintage with legs     usd235.00

Benzo-Beige                        usd179.00

Benzo-Beige with legs         usd189.00