In a small listening room, listener receives very strong impression which is called “masking effect” on direct sound and first reflection sound.  This occurs because reverberation time and energy of the direct sound and the first reflection sound is received to be much stronger and faster than the second and the third reverberation sound.  Therefore, the sweet spot is limited and the sound coloration occurs because the sound energy is not widely spread out and relies only on direct sound which has fast reflection time and increased energy.  Thus, adequate control of the early reflection time is needed.  At this moment, relative direct sound stands out by slowly decreasing energy and reflection time of the early reflection which has high sound pressure.  In doing so, stereo image is not only enhanced, but the adequate reverberation is given that the depth of sound and wide sound field is enlarged.  Dizo is a model which has a multi-functions of absorbing and diffusing high and middle-low frequency.  Dizo is basic and economic model for diffusion and absorption when compare with Disoba, Enzo and

Ensoba.  Dizo has not diffusing lens or porous absorber like Enzo and Disoba.  So Diffusion and Absorption Coefficient is lower than Enzo, Disoba and Ensoba.  But Dizo is very economic than other partition models.  Dizo has shape as the flat inside-panel being set up with different heights of wall and partition in order to increase the envelope effect which blocks the deflected reflection and to gradually decrease the reflection time.  Dizo differentiates each inside-panel depth which will provide the time decay of reflection in order to maximize spatiality.  Thus Dizo is a economic and effective model which has a duel function of absorbing and diffusing low and high band frequency.  With the installation of Dizo, audio menia can enjoy effective tuning of a sound with requiring Diffusing Panel and Absorbing Panel(optional) additionally.


How to Setup

Dimension: 45.3" (H) x 28.7" (W) x 4.7" (D)

Weight: 38.5lbs

Material: painted wood (Beige Series) / antique natural wood (Vintage Series)

Color: beige (Beige Series) / light brown (Vintage Series)


Suggested Retail Price

Dizo-Vintage     usd219.00

Dizo-Beige        usd173.00