Ensoba is complex model when compare with other partition system like Enzo and Disoba because it has diffusion lens panel and absorber in partition boards.  Thus Ensoba is a model which has multi-function of absorbing and diffusing high band and middle-low frequency.  Ensoba is best seller among partition system.  Ensoba-Vintage has air-gap absorbing panel for strong absorbing in partition boards.  Otherwise Ensoba-Beige has general absorbing panel Diffusion Coefficient is higher than Disoba.  Otherwise Absorption Coefficient is lower than Disoba.


How to Setup

Dimension: 45.3" (H) x 28.7" (W) x 4.7" (D)

Weight: 41.8lbs

Material: painted wood with fabric absorber (Beige Series) / antique natural wood with air-gap absorber (Vintage Series)

Color: beige with grey fabric (Beige Series) / light brown with grey fabric (Vintage Series)


Suggested Retail Price

Ensoba-Vintage     usd299.00

Ensoba-Beige        usd246.00