The ultimate goal of audio system is the complete revival of the real sound.  However, before the sound reach our ears through the speaker, it must travel through the listening room.  Due to the fact that the sound we hear is the combination of the direct sound which is delivered without reflection and reflected sound which is reflected on the wall surface, it is not possible to revive the real sound with only audio system.  In other words, the sound is not only distorted by interference and specular re-

flection of the reflected sound, but in closed air space it causes room resonance through low band frequency.   Because the high band frequency we hear in the listening room has very short wave length, most of the sounds arrive in our ears after being reflected to the ceiling, wall or floor.  The 90% of the reflected sound causes interference with 10% of the direct sound, causing the unclear stereo image.  In addition, the reflected sound makes sound energy unbalanced which results in the interference and distortion of the sound called comb-filter distortion.  The comb-filter distortion can be controlled by using diffusers or general absorbers.  However, walls, ceiling or two sides of wall edge will get diffused reflection or diffraction.  Generally, walls are hard.  Thus, even if the second or the third reflection

(diffused reflection) constantly repeats, the sound energy will not decay in a great deal when compared to the early reflection by one side wall surface.  Accordingly, the energy is accumulated around the edge causing a modal problem.  Modal problem is the reinforcement of the energy by room resonance which is mainly the bass, lower than 300 Hz.  When the modal problem is accumulated sound interference and coloration occurs which decreases the clearness of the sound quality as well as generating standing wave. 

 Losa is a specially designed product which decreases the mode accumulation near the sound space's edge area as well as control sound coloration by the sound's diffused reflection.  Losa is shaped as a large pole.  The outer shape appears as textiles which can absorb the high band sound.  The inner side (of Losa-Mx/Ms) has polars of 32pcs with porous absorber being with fabric which can absorb the high and low band sound.  The polars construction in textile diffuses the 'high frequency sound' and decrease 'low frequency sound' by diffraction (the sound which diffracts to the wall corner or the diffused reflection of the sound) and purifies the sound energy providing natural reflected sound and clear stereo image.


How to Setup


Losa Mx-78.8" (H) x 8.7" (Dia)    

Losa Ms-64.9" (H) x 8.7" (Dia)


Losa Mx-22.38 lbs    

Losa Ms-21.83 lbs


Losa-Beige: textile with painted wood (outside) and absorption materials (inside)

Losa-Vintage: textile with antique natural wood (outside) and absorption materials (inside)


Losa-Beige: textile part (dark beige) / wood (beige)    

Losa-Vintage: textile part (dark beige) / wood (light brown)


Suggested Retail Price

Losa Mx-Vintage     usd289.00

Losa Mx-Beige        usd264.00

Losa Ms-Vintage     usd239.00

Losa Ms-Beige         usd219.00