Losano is a "All in One" product which can use the most effective and flexible in room instead of Losa and Enzo and SpiderKing.  Losano can move to various positions in room as sound conditions.  Losano is shaped as middle poles and outer shape appears antique wood with porous absorber which can absorb and diffuse the low and high band sound.  The inner side has wings of 8pcs with prominence and depression which can diffuser the high band sound.  The polar with porous rings diffuses the ' high frequency sound' and decrease 'low frequency sound' by diffraction and purifies the sound energy providing natural reflected sound and clear stereo image.  Losano is a specially designed products which can control and adjust sound by moving porous rings and three polars.

Losano's functions as follows:

1. The most flexible product which can move easily to any position like Benzo.

2. Corner absorber and diffusor covering low frequency band like Losa.

3. Wings with prominence and depression for diffusion like Enzo.

4. "All in One" product which can control and adjust energy of high and low band     frequency.




46.5" (H) x 4.2" (Dia)    


11 lbs per one losano    


antique natural wood with porous four ring-sponges


dark brown  


Suggested Retail Price

Losano-Vintage     usd229.00 (one box / three losanos)