The sound we hear is made up of the direct sound and the reflected sound and the sound gets distorted by the interference of the reflected sound.   Generally, walls are hard.   Thus, even if the diffused reflection constantly repeats, the sound energy will not decay in a big deal when compared to the first reflection by one side wall surface.   Accordingly, the energy is accumulated around the edge causing a modal problem.   Modal problem is the reinforcement of the energy by room resonance which is mainly the bass.   When the modal problem is accumulated sound interference and coloration occurs which decreases the clearness of the sound quality as well as generating standing wave.   So sound must be controlled by acoustic treatment materials like diffusors and bass trap (acoustic absorption material systems).   But the majority of acoustic treatment materials

are normally very big in size or very heavy in weight.   So it take much space of the room and also difficult to install or move in and out of the room.   Also it is very hard to control the volume of reflected sound.  it must be remove to suitable positions for reflected sound control.   As a result, many menia have a burden due to troubles of space and installation.    Spider King was developed by supply the demand like this and it has mixed function of Losano and Disoba.  SpiderKing is a specially designed product which can install easily even in a very small room.    SpiderKing is shaped as a small pole. The outer shape appears as textiles which can absorb and diffuse the high band sound.  A hole in inner side can absorb low band sound.   SpiderKing can be save more space than other by adhere it to wall without nails.   And each SpiderKings can be control sound by gap of poles to adhere it to wall.    It provide functions which controls volume of absorption and diffusion of sound.   Also it can decreases the mode accumulation near the sound space's edge area as well as control sound coloration by the sound's diffused reflection.


Dimension: 39.3" (H) x 4.1" (Dia)

Weight: 1.1 lbs

Material: textile (outside) & absorption air gap sponge (inside)

Color: dark grey


Suggested Retail Price

SpiderKing     usd99.00 (one box/4pcs)