All sound and music has to travel through the listening room before it reaches human ears through a speaker.  The sound we hear is made up of the direct sound (the sound which is delivered directly without any reflection) and the reflected sound (the sound which is delivered through wall surfaces) and the sound gets distorted by the interference of the reflected sound.  The high band frequency that people hear from the listening room has a short wave length.  Thus, most of the high band frequencies are delivered to us after they are reflected to walls and ceiling.  This 90% of the reflected sound interferes with the 10% of the direct sound causing unclear stereo image, unbalance of sound energy, interference and distortion of the sound called comb-filter distortion.  This can be controlled by diffusers.  However, the ceiling and two sides of wall edge receive enormous diffused re-

flection and diffraction which is hard to control by diffusers.  The ceiling’s edge area is surged by the second, the third or more complex and mixed diffused reflections.   Thus, the diffused reflection is concentrated more than the other one sided wall surface, reducing stereo image of the direct sound and causing coloration of the soundVico is a product designed to remove coloration of the sound by sound diffused reflection near ceiling edge area.  Vico is designed in triangular shape and made up of porous fiber absorber.  With the installation of Vico in ceiling edge area, sound energy is naturally purified and stereo image becomes clear.  This is done through absorbing the sound which is diffracted or reflected as well as mitigating mode accumulation.

Products & Setup

Dimension: 11.8" (Hor) x 11.8" (Ver) x 1.6" (H)

Weight: 0.88 lbs

Material: Painted Wood with Absorption Material (Beige series) / Antique Natural Wood with Absorption Material (Vintage series)

Color: Light Beige (textile body)


Suggested Retail Price

Vico-Vintage     usd35.00

Vico-Beige        usd27.00