Benzo and Losa may be big and heavy for wall and ceiling application or too expensive for large scale coverage like home theater.  Vina was developed by supply the demend like this and it has similar functions as Benzo.  It offers sound diffusion, low frequency absorption for flutter Echo and standing wave.  There is a need for a light weight, large scale room.  Because Vina is a part of Benzo and Enzo and it is easy for installation and small size, also it can apply to small rooms walls.   Especially it is not plastic or urethane foam.  It was made by original woods for Class-A sound.


How to Setup

Dimension: 45.3" (H) x 3.62" (W) x 0.55" (T)

Weight: 1.66 lbs

Material: painted wood (Beige Series/ antique natural wood (Vintage Series)

Color: light beige (Beige Series/  light brown (Vintage Series)


Suggested Retail Price

Vina-Vintage     usd29.00

Vina-Beige        usd23.00